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WineTutor.TV is an innovative educational project to help Master of Wine students achieve their goals

Established in 2015 by Tim Wildman MW, WineTutor.TV provides a unique online resource for those studying for the Master of Wine (MW) examination, as well as WSET Diploma students and others studying wine at a masters or post-gradudate degree level. The video tutorials are designed to advise, guide and orientate students in their MW self study programme.

The content is 100% video based, providing short, punchy tutorials covering all aspects of global wine production and exam techniques for approaching the Master of Wine exam as well as more extended, documentary length features that focus in-depth on wine regions and leading producers around the world.

Tim Wildman runs his own portfolio wine business involving travel, education, film and winemaking. Tim became a Master of Wine in 2008 with a Dissertation on Australian wine, his area of professional speciality. With a background in teaching as well as the wine industry Tim has helped hundreds of MW students achieve their goals and "get over the line".