QA and QC Systems - Structures for Wine & Dry Goods


The use of identification codes greatly simplifies the task of record keeping and enhances the effectiveness of traceability. The use of global location number (GLN), global trade item number (GTIN), serial shipping container code (SSCC), application identifier (AI), batch code and lot numbers are effective tools to trace the location, the identity of suppliers in each critical stage and the origins of the products. Jacob’s Creek Winery uses laser code (which records year, date, production line and the actual time of packaging of that particular bottle) on the glass bottle to enforce traceability of its bottling operation. ParknShop, a significant supermarket in Hong Kong, relies on the lot numbers to simplify the task of traceability of wines allocated within its massive retail network. This code identification system (with bar code and lot numbers) can facilitate product recall if needed.

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