What MWs and experts are saying about WineTutor.tv

Without your videos I don’t think I would have passed. You provided so many amazing tips on how to handle the theory and practical that things just started to gel. You are on my short list of people, without whom passing the exam for me would have been impossible.
Billo Naravane MW


Congratulations to Tim for his Winetutor TV project.

It is extremely innovative, short and snappy and very helpful for students of the Master of Wine.

When, through a friend, I discovered Tim’s website, I immediately enjoyed watching the videos. A huge bravo for such superb videos!

Gerard Basset OBE, MS, MW, MBA


These videos will be watched by MW students the world over time and time again. They’re a great resource that helps make the program seem achievable by breaking this huge project down into simple pieces. The wine world has long needed videos like these.

Justin Knock MW


I wish had had WineTutor.tv when I was studying for my MW!

It’s packed full of useful insights into how to make your studies more effective.

These are delivered in brief, pithy films that are entertaining and memorable. I’ve been recommending the site to all my mentees and pretty much any other student who’ll listen.

Natasha Hughes MW


The inside track on how to approach the formidable MW course, delivered with clarity, concision – and wit.

Richard Hemming MW

Hundreds of students stand to benefit from this resource, there is lots of great advice there

I hope it will be a great success, and it is on the way to becoming one. 

Anthony Moss MW


Your videos are great!

Brilliant way to make self study more approachable, and the exam technique parts are essential viewing for anyone on the programme.

Will definitely be recommending to MW students!

Vicky Burt MW, London


WineTutor TV is a well presented, engaging, interesting and original way of making pertinent parts of the MW programme accessible and understandable for students and bringing the syllabus to life.

It’s a great resource both for the enthusiast and student but really for anyone interested in wine.

Samantha Capon MW


WineTV is a fun, visual way to understand the principles of some of the most complex questions posed in the Master of Wine Exam.

A fantastic resource to any MW student or indeed anyone interested in learning more about wine

Barry Dick MW


WineTutor.tv is very good and easy to understand.

I could imagine myself when I was a student happily watching them while studying.

It would have been helpful in finding the shortcuts to learning things

Madeline Strenwreth MW


Wine Tutor is a fantastic resource – I wish such a thing had been available when I was studying.

Well done to Tim and team for helping to demystify the process.

Rod Smith MW


Just luv winetutor.tv….short, snappy, incisive and informative, fun injections of wine knowledge…and, you don’t have to be a MW student to get your fix.

John Downes MW


I believe your work will help potential and current MW students to appreciate the depth and breadth of study required, whilst the short and concise format is what todays students need.

Philip Goodband MW


Wine Tutor TV. looks great and I enjoyed dipping into it. Your intro video is terribly well written and comes across really well. Good luck with it

James John MW


WineTutor.tv should be a great help to students.

Jack Whitaker MW


Excellent tool for MW students to dip into on many aspects of the course – I will certainly forward the link to my mentees

Lynne Coyle MW


You are a natural performer, and a great teacher. Beautifully and imaginatively presented, crystal clear, very thorough, and utterly engaging. Huge congratulations to you and the team. I can imagine the thought and the effort behind it all. The Institute themselves should have been doing something like this years ago!

Michael Schuster


Nicely done, Tim. I like the concept and delivery a lot. Core issues, well handled.

Bob Betz MW


Winetutor.tv was a great help in passing the MW exams, in addition to a steady diet of practice tasting exams and theory essays, studying books and websites, interviewing viticulturists, winemakers and operations people, and hands-on experience across various facets of the industry. The MW process requires students to assimilate some very complex concepts, and your videos help to make some very important ones clear and understandable. I had many ah-hah moments watching them, and I constantly encourage all of the students in the California study group to watch them over and over. Thank you for this great study resource Tim!

Matt Deller MW