What the students are saying about WineTutor.tv

You have a natural teaching ability and genuine excitement for the subject, the combination of which is sadly rare. While I do believe it takes effort to look effortless, it is reassuring to witness someone cut through the crap and approach the essay answer process so deftly and lightly.

Rebecca Palmer, MW student, UK


Binge watching these amazing videos. Thank you for the amazing content! It has been a great help, with 2 months to go it is just the refocusing I needed.

Maggie Campbell


I think this is an amazing guideline for every MW student to better focus on what to learn and how to study.

Hard to believe it’s free!

Stefan Metzner, MW student, Germany


WineTutor.tv is a serious tool for MW students.

Tim is an inspired and very talented communicator which makes things easier to understand. A truly very approachable way of learning, very serious but also funny and enjoyable. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Absolutely great stuff.

Joao Pires MS


I absolutely love the content on Wine Tutor TV.

I am so appreciative of the approachable, engaging, and informative segments, and the insider tips for success.

Catherine Rabb, MW student, North Carolina, USA


Great work!  I am a stage 2 MW student and winetutor.tv video’s are essential for distilling only the relevant concepts and framing different exam techniques in a tidy 2-4min film.  

It allows me to save what would otherwise be time wasted in study experimentation. 

Daphne Feng, MW student, Los Angeles


Your videos are helping me to reinforce semminars I have attended in the past and also to develop my critical thinking.

It is very useful using the white board method, it is very intuitive and help me taking notes.

Fernando Mora, MW student, Spain


You’re videos are great! Very educational while being easy to follow.

I have been promoting them to my entire wine team (9 Sommeliers) here at Mandalay Bay and have had some great feedback from them. 

Harley Carberry, MW student, Las Vegas


I find this to be an outstanding resource. Last year I attended the MW information day in Sydney. 

I understand that the program of study is largely self-guided and this has made me somewhat reluctant to sign up. 

WineTutor.tv has given me confidence to change my position.

Michael Solomons, MW student, Sydney Australia


You have put so much effort in expressing your desire of seeing more Masters of Wine around the globe.

Your ‘down to earth way’ of communication is quite polite, your analogies and enlightening examples are quite colourful, not to mention that you make feel all students welcome from the word go.

I am a fan of your site and I look forward to keep learning more using Winetutor TV.

David Stevens-Castro, MW student, Australia


Not only are they helpful but they are a welcome break from the hard graft of “regular” study.

Nicholas Blampied-Lane


I am a Diploma holder who is currently applying to be an MW student. I just want to tell you how invaluable your wine tutor tv website is. Thanks so much for doing this. I didn’t realize til a few months ago that I could also register ( thought it was only for MW candidates) , great info. Once again, thank you

Billie Joyce



It was the most valuable discussion relating to the program that I’ve had to date. Your advice was incisive and refreshingly fundamental. I now feel I have a definite pathway towards the goal. I’ve also had a real jolt of motivation and inspiration as a result.

Ben Haines


I want to thank you again for the webinars. You truly are an exceptional educator

Pinto Naravane


Thanks so much – I have progressed more in the last few days that the last few months!

Sarah Andrew


I liked very much the webinar, it was very constructive and gave me some really useful tips! I really enjoyed the exercise we did of constructing a convincing answer from scratch through  the example driven technique, brilliant! And it was sort of reassuring hearing you say that perhaps the Theory requires less efforts and is less demanding then we provably think! 🙂 ( In contrast to the Practical!)
Nicoletta Dicova