Extraction of Colour, Aroma, Flavour & Tannin

White wine extraction

Kettmeir (Alto Adige) allows the very aromatic Muller Thurgau grapes to be soft crushed and left with the skins for six to eight hours (assuming the skins are disease-free), whereas Pinot Grigio is pressed and run into tank off the skins due to Pinot Grigio’s thicker skins that would impart a more savory palate (and darker color) that they don’t want in their wines. The winemaker Josef Romen would never use enzymes on Pinot Grigio for the same reason (Pinot Grigio grapes have too many tannins and colors in their skins and he wants to avoid that on his classic style of Pinot Grigio).

  • Accredited to:
  • K. Sazama