Sparkling Wines : Grape Selection and Pressing

Lowering SO2 and grape processing

Ca’ del Bosco (Franciacorta) farms organically but is concerned about the metallic content of traditional organic sprays used on human health as well as sulfites as an allergen. To lower these levels, they ‘wash’ the grapes (pre-washing with water, a bath with a citric acid solution and a final rinse and drying). Washing the grapes lowers the microflora content as well as the amount of aluminum by 14%, iron by 55% and zinc on the skins by 12%. This, as well as careful fermentation in a reductive environment allows them to lower their use of sulfur dioxide such that they label the exact amount on the back label (where legal). A recent 2008 Vintage Brut was listed at 47 mg/L total whereas the legal limit is 185mg/L.

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  • K. Sazama