Principles & Practical Applications of Canopy Management

Canopy Management – Managing TDN in Riesling

AWRI (2012) The ‘aged’ character in Riesling 
is linked to the formation of TDN and its precursors, which increase in concentration when grapes are exposed to sunlight and warm temperatures.
 To reduce TDN levels, modifying canopy density early in the season can be effective; where possible, grapes should be harvested from cool locations; in warmer years, consider harvesting earlier. The sensory detection threshold of TDN is just 2μg/L High concentrations of TDN are also linked to bottle age, and higher temperatures when bottles are stored.
 Closures also play a role, though winemakers seeking to ‘fix’ high levels of TDN should be wary 
of basing closure choice on 
this parameter alone, since the performance of the closure has a major impact on wine quality.

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