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Acid Adjustment – SO2 efficiency

Gavin Taylor (Winemaker at Montes Wines, Chile) says they pick on tannin ripeness and do not worry if they lose a little acidity. This can always be adjusted. They adjust the pH when necessary so that it comes in at 3.55 - 3.5 to have better use of molecular SO2. Acid adjustments are done in 3 stages: 1) During cold soak - adjust down to pH 3.6 if necessary (they use a gross number because they do not know exactly how much the finished wine will have at this stage) 2) after pressing - adjust the pH down to 3.55 - 3.6 if needed 3) after MLF - if the pH is still too high, they will adjust it down again.

  • Accredited to:
  • Jane Nisbet Huseby
  • 15 Dec 2019